2257 & Legal Info

TeenFemDom.com is not a producer (primary or secondary) of any and all of the content found on the website (TeenFemDom.com).

TeenFemDom.com is a video sharing site in which allows for the sharing and general viewing of various types of adult content. Unlike other sites, we try our best to provide premium , high definition material (pictures / videos) from our affiliates > to our members for viewing on a daily basis. And while TeenFemDom.com does the best it can with verifying compliance, it may not be a 100% accurate.

TeenFemDom.com abides by the following procedures to ensure compliance:

Requiring all users to be 18 years of age to upload videos. When uploading, user must verify the content; assure he/she is 18 years of age; certify that he/she keeps records of the models in the content and that they are over 18 years of age.

All videos are hosted by 3rd party affiliates. So even though you're viewing the Videos on our site, their actually hosted (playing) from the site listed on the video.

For further assistance and/or information in finding the content's originating site, you can contact TeenFemDom.com compliance at our email address premiumadultsites@gmail.com

TeenFemDom.com allows content to be flagged as inappropriate. Should any content be flagged as illegal, unlawful, harassing, harmful, or various other reasons, TeenFemDom.com shall remove it from the site without delay. Users of TeenFemDom.com who come across such content are urged to flag it as inappropriate by emailing us immediately


This site condemns all forms of child exploitation , including child pornography. Any type of material of that type will be strictly reported to the proper authorities.

Please be sure to include the exact URL when reporting videos. We will even remove URL's from personal requests. Example: If someone's boyfriend secretly recorded his girlfriend without her knowledge, or any similar instances.. These could be requested to be removed here and will be removed once we get the email.

We also have an RTA rating in the header of our pages. Letting people know that this is an Adult Site. Example, in our Meta tags we have the following -

meta name="RATING" content="RTA-5042-1996-1400-1577-RTA

If its against the law in your Country and/or State to view porn.. Or if you still got around the other safeguards and are not of the appropriate age to view this type of material.. Then, go back to Google -


For everyone else, enjoy.

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